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Hire Mobile Developers with .NET maui Xamarin

IDTitleNameLocationLevel of SeniorityRateDescription
314Fullstack Software Engineer with Flutter and .NETA SBulgariaSenior350 euros/daySkilled in C#, Java, Dart, PHP, MAUI, Xamarin native, Flutter, Swift UI, Jetpack Compose, .NET Core, Laravel 10, Spring Boot, Angular, VueJs, TypeScript, Redis, SQL Server, SQLite, MariaDB, MongoDB, Firebase, Entity Framework, familiarity with cloud platforms like Azure or AWS, microservices architecture, containerization using Docker and Kubernetes, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools such as GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps, message queuing systems such as RabbitMQ or Kafka, OpenGL, GraphQL, Unity3D, SignalR, ReactiveX, LINQ.
318Mobile Developer with .NET MAUI and FlutterB BFranceSenior680 euros/daySkilled in Xamarin Forms / .NET MAUI, Flutter, .NET Framework 4.7.2, C#, React JS, Next JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, MVVM Pattern, Firebase, App Center, Git, Agile methodologies, Jira, Azure Devops.
313Mobile Developer with Maui/Xamarin, Flutter, iOS, Android and .NET CoreC MRomaniaSenior400 euros/dayHe brings over two decades of versatile development experience, specializing in mobile development for both iOS and Android platforms. Skilled in Swift, Objective-C, Maui / Xamarin Forms, Flutter, Java (Android), Firebase, Unity (Mobile games), C#, Asp .NET, HTML, CSS, JS, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft SQL, Azure
317Mobile Developer with .NET MAUI, Xamarin Forms, Flutter, Android and iOS AppsD CRomaniaSenior370 euros/daySkilled in C#, .NET MAUI, Xamarin.FORMS, Xamarin.iOS/.Android, Xunit tests, Charles Proxy, Postman, Microsoft SQL SERVER, Agile Software Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Azure DevOps, Firebase
315Mobile Developer with .NET MAUI, Android, iOS and FlutterF BRomaniaSenior350 euros/daySkilled in C#, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Python, Dart, MAUI, Visual Studio, .NET, iOS, .NET, Android, iOS XCode, Android, Flutter, Rider, Cocoa Touch, git, MVVMLight, Unity Container, Reactive extensions, Python, Data Science / Machine learning
316iOS Developer and Xamarin Developer with .NET MAUIG PItalySenior450 euros/daySkilled in UIKit, Xib, StoryBoard, ViewCode, AutoLayout, SwiftUI, Xcode, CoreData, Fastlane, Swift, Objective-C, C#, C++, Clean Code, TDD, Design Patterns, SOLID, MVVM, MVC, MVP, Clean Swift, Unreal 5, Unity.