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The Benefits Of Moving From Oracle To PostgreSQL

Why migrate from Oracle to Postgres?

Migration from Oracle to Postgres is easy, fast, and free.

Cost is reduced by more than half.

There are many reasons why you’d want to move away from Oracle.

You’re not locked into any particular vendor or provider.

You can customize your database to get better results.

Migrating data between different database systems is both easy and hard.

You need to make sure the data type conversion is done correctly and also ensure that the data integrity is maintained during the data transfer.

Migration should be performed carefully and thoroughly.

What Are The Benefits Of Moving From Oracle To PostgreSQL?

1. Cost: Oracle licenses are expensive.

2. Open source: Postgres is free software.

3. Flexibility: Postgres is available on multiple clouds.

4. Customizability: There are many extensions and add-ons for Postgres.

5. Vendor Lock-in: You don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in with Postgres.

6. Security: Postgres uses encryption and password hashing.

7. Scalability: You can scale out easily.

8. High Availability: You can set up replication.

9. Performance: It’s faster than Oracle.

10. Reliability: It’s highly reliable.

11. Replication: You can replicate it across multiple servers.

12. Backup: You can backup it.

13. Recovery: You can recover it.

14. Licensing: You can choose which version to use.

15. Data Integrity: You can check if the data is accurate.

16. Database Management System: You can manage it as a database management system.

17. Application Programming Interface: You can program in SQL.

18. Schema Design: You can design schemas.

19. Development Environment: You can develop applications.

We can handle all of this for you.