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Externalisation de l'administration et de la gestion des bases de données - FAQ

Read our frequently asked questions on outsourcing your database administration and management to understand how we can help your company.

Why should a company outsource their database administration to IT Experts Europe?

Outsourcing database administration (DBA) can be very cost-effective, and more importantly, your business gains access to the expertise and experience of our expert team.

There are several main reasons why a company should consider outsourcing their database administration.

1. Your company gains access to expertise.

If you outsource database administration to IT Experts Europe, you’ll benefit from our experience managing databases of various sizes.

We know exactly what works well and what doesn’t, and we can advise on ways to improve your system.

As a result, you’ll receive better database performance and security.

2. Your company can focus on what you’re good at doing best – we will look after your databases.

Outsourcing database administration allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business and increasing profits.

DBA outsourcing frees up your resources to spend on things that help grow your business.

3. Outsourcing database administration is cheaper than hiring your own team.

When you hire a full-time employee, you’ll likely end up paying salary, payroll taxes, health insurance, retirement contributions, vacation days, sick leave, etc.

Also, depending on your business type, you need to have several employees for the same kind of database management to replace each other during vacations or sick leave, for example.

When you outsource database administration, however, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

In addition, you’ll avoid having to pay for training costs and ongoing education because IT Experts Europe already has an experienced and highly qualified team of database administrators.

How experienced are your database consultants?

Our database administrators usually have between 10 and 30 years of experience in database administration and management.

What industries do you have database management experience in?

IT Experts Europe has experience with database environments in finance and fintech, banking, insurance,  IT, travel and healthcare, engineering and marketing.

How soon can you put together a team of IT experts for our company?

Usually, we can have FTEs available within a 10-day timeline.

If our business needs to scale the project, how does that affect the contract?

Your company is provided with various options based on the initial technical analysis and your business needs.

In our contract, we include the number of databases and other environmental variables, including server and workload, that are scalable.

We always work with the client to fully satisfy their requirements and help them grow their business and increase profitability.

What costs are involved during the intake period for a database project?

The intake period is charged on a time and material basis.

Our DBAs and experts perform an assessment and provide the client with an estimate based on details about the system landscape.

Depending on the project and environment variables, it takes from a few days up to a week.

What kind of database packages do IT Experts Europe offer to companies?

Depending on the environment and nature of the contract, we offer hourly, 8/5 and 24/7 database service and support contracts to companies.

These packages are also fully flexible to meet our customer’s needs.

What is your escalation process?

Our consultants will escalate the emergency to the right specialist on duty, and they will take the necessary steps for a quick solution.

We suggest that every company selects a dedicated staff member who escalates these requests.

Do you offer NoSQL services?

We provide NoSQL database support and managed services.

We also provide consultancy services.

Does your team handle database migrations, and what kind of database migrations?

Yes, we handle database migrations for Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and other SQL and NoSQL database environments.

We handle partial and complete migrations, homogenous and heterogeneous database migrations, planning, and execution.

Why should we choose IT Experts Europe to migrate our Oracle database to another database environment?

Any database migration requires careful planning and preparation.

You need a team of highly skilled professionals who know exactly what to do when migrating your data.

It’s not enough to just move the data, you must ensure that all aspects of the migration are handled properly.

At IT Experts Europe, we have extensive knowledge of all major database platforms and tools.

IT Experts Europe is a licensed Oracle partner with over 27 years of Oracle consulting and database administration experience with a big team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

We understand the challenges of migrating data and know how to minimize downtime, thus ensuring the continuity of your business.

We have successfully migrated databases for numerous companies.

Why should we choose IT Experts Europe to migrate our databases to PostgreSQL?

We have handled PostgreSQL installations, management and administration for databases backing applications with over 10 million transactions.

Please read our recent article on The Benefits Of Moving From Oracle To PostgreSQL:

Our database environment has the industry’s highest data security requirements and regulations. Can IT Experts Europe ensure the security of our databases?

IT Experts Europe is already helping organizations in healthcare, fintech, IT and other database environments with high data security and governance regulations.

Our approaches, systems, tools and solutions guarantee data security and integrity for the most secure database environments.

Can IT Experts Europe work with multi-database environments?

IT Experts Europe has over 20 years of consulting experience in various database environments.

These include SQL and NoSQL environments with very strong codependences.

What level of DBAs and database experts does IT Experts Europe provide?

IT Experts Europe has Senior, Medior and Junior specialists in some of the most demanding and critical database management and administration areas.

This includes but is not limited to DBAs, DevOps, infrastructure, cloud database architects and solutions architects, Linux, Ubuntu, and windows specialists.

What kind of SLAs can IT Experts Europe guarantee?

We guarantee SLAs depending on the specific support package chosen.

These packages range from on-demand support services for custom hours up to 8/5 and 24/7 support services.

SLAs we guarantee to date vary between fifteen minutes, two hours, four hours, twenty-four hours or greater response times depending on the specific customer needs and agreement.

We also provide best-effort services based on the actual contract.

How can we ensure that our company gets the agreed support? Is there a ticketing system or database support system?

We can either utilize the customer’s existing ticketing system, which passes through our escalation procedures, or we use our ticketing systems and gateway systems to connect remotely to handle tickets and requests.

What is the onboarding process like for our database project?

It essentially comprises a three-step process:

– The initial technical analysis call with our DBAs

– A commercial offer, and

– A framework agreement

What GDPR considerations and measures are in place regarding database projects?

During the technical needs analysis calls and contract process, we review the personal and other data needs and requirements that apply to each project as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Considerations such as whether data will be transferred outside the EU and how the data will be stored, consumed and protected are considered very carefully according to your company policies and location(s).

Can you conduct a pilot project for our company?

Yes, we can conduct a pilot project to prove our expertise and provide customers with a preview of how things will run in the live project environment.

We can sign a specific pilot agreement for the agreed timeframe, the successful completion of which is followed by a new signed database service and/or support contract.

When a database project begins, how do you handle project communication?

Weekly or bi-weekly project meetings are held with project team representatives from both sides.

These are followed up by emails outlining the discussions.

The frequency and occurrence of such meetings depend to a large degree on the client’s flexibility.

IT Experts Europe guarantees the availability of the DBA technical project team lead and other relevant team members for these meetings.

If our company already has a Database Team or Administrator, how can you help?

IT Experts Europe has already partnered with and enabled many organisations’ in-house DBAs and teams to help their processes, workflow, technologies and systems.

We provide best practices, expertise, help with best practices for specific projects, consulting and tools that increase the efficiency of your database team or administrator(s).

Do you offer remote database services as well?

IT Experts Europe has been at the forefront of offering remote consultancy and database-managed services for many years.

We have systems and tools in place to provide you with high-quality database services remotely within Europe.

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